Wednesday, February 20, 2013


      After watching an episode of BBC's "Make Me Muslim" a program on female converts around the UK, it left me with a sense of hope and also questioning. Whilst the show was supposed to be about the reason that these wonderful ladies converted to Islam, It mostly turned out instead to be a show about the hijab. How they came to wear it, to what degree, and how it made them feel. But if you think about it, as a practising  muslimah,  hijab plays a huge role in your life. How people perceive you, how you interact, how you behave in public, the things that you can and can't do, even down to the things you say. Islam is a lifestyle which affects everything from what you eat to what you wear. And wearing the hijab is basically a statement saying "hey, I'm Muslim. I follow a certain set of laws. I will carry myself a certain way."

However I feel that the hijab doesn't restrict me in any way. I love fashion. I love sports. I love being active. Hijab hasn't stopped me from doing any of that. There was a segment in which the host of the show questioned her career as model. Whilst I do believe she got her answer , and I pray that she will change for the better, It also made me pause and think on what I do and at what point should I put a limit on myself. 

InshaAllah here at Aqar we'll try to keep our fashions as halal as possible, with our hijabs fulfilling the awrah reqirements (covering the chest) and our clothing also inshaAllah will not be as form fitting. In the end we all want Allah's blessing in our lives, and that's only achievable by following his commands. 

But still let's live our lives to the fullest within the boundaries of Islam. There's nothing in the Qur'an and Sunnah that prohibits a Muslim woman from living a fulfilling active lifestyle. Go out there sisters, and enjoy life, be inspired and beautiful inside and out inshaAllah. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Introducing- AQAR SHAWLS.

Kepada mereka yg mengikuti perkembangan AQAR.. kami kini telah mengeluarkan produk terbaru, iaitu Shawlssss or selendang :)
Apa yg special ttg AQAR's Shawl?..dah terlalu banyak jenama shawl diluar sana..semua nak jual shawl..kami pun nak jual shawl jugakk??.. hahaha..calm down everyone (or calm down myself :p)
Apa yg istimewa tentang shawl kami ini ialah setiap satu dibuat exclusive di sini, di AQAR studio. shawl kami lebih lebar dan lebih panjang dari shawl2 diluar sana..

panjang- 2 mtr
lebar- 30 inch

(standard size for shawl yg dijual diluar sana ialah, 60 inci x 25inci)

Kami selalu menghadapi masalah dgn shawl yg ber ukuran biasa.. bila nak lilit2, nak labuhkan depan, belakang jadi pendek, nak labuhkan blakang, depan plak jd pendek..owh x best..x best.. we always end up making our own shawls.. so, here you are.. we are so happy and proud to share with you all Muslimah out there, AQAR Shawl. I am sure you will love it too.. the extra length and extra width make it so easy to cover what you have to cover and be stylish at the same time.. :)

dan material yang kami gunakan adalah Chiffon printed, yg sangat2 lembut.. sejuk dan mudah dibentuk, mempunyai pelbagai corak dan warna yg menarik.. :)

To buy the shawls- AQAR COUTURE Facebook Page
the shawl flows nicely- if you like this animal printed shawl, click here- AQAR COUTURE Facebook Page 

Easy to form chiffon printed shawl- AQAR COUTURE Facebook Page
You will love the colors- AQAR COUTURE Facebook Page

 To place an order, PM us with the code number, name, address and phone number, and we will reply to you about the payment method and shipment. Thank You.

To chose the AQAR Shawls- AQAR COUTURE Facebook Page

Naseebah's wedding.

Another best friend's wedding.. :) makeup and the gorgeous dress by AQAR. 

Aida in action :) yes dear friend/readers/folowers... Aida is our Otai in make-up and make over.
Her magic touch will satisfy u..InshaAllah.

Congratz dear friend :)

sebelum dan selepas makeup

Gambar dibawah dicuri dari FB pengantin..hehehe...For the clearer view of the dress.. check out these pictures.. (kredit to the photographer)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Thoughts and Ramblings

Hey everyone!

The blog was the first thing that came to my mind this morning. There are lots of thoughts going through my head today, like how to have fun without having to spend a whole lot. A day at town with the girls can really burn a whole in your wallet. Don't get me wrong I looooove hanging out and chatting especially over a cup of  Chillacup hot minty cocoa goodness, and can do it every night, but you have to admit that the mall and city scene does get a bit old after a while. Not to mention all those calories from the constant munching when you're out.

The other day, the Aqar team spent a day at Taman Botani Putrajaya, which was I found extremely enjoyable. We rented bicycles and burnt hundreds (i hope) calories cycling uphill, and since the park is so lovely we ended up taking gorgeous pictures along the way. We also used it as an opportunity to model, (not really modelling, sort of trying out) the new shawls that we're now selling. I have to admit they were quite comfortable to wear, because of the size we didn't have to worry about anything being caught by the wind and blowing all the way up, and because they are extremely light it was very cool. By the way we were cycling at midday, so it was keeping cool was important haha.

That was at the Moroccan Pavilion which was located at the far end of the park. It has an entry fee and I wish I could share some of the pics from inside but unfortunately no cameras were allowed! But that door was just awesome. It made us feel like we were entering a palace of some sorts. Beautiful things have powers to make thing seem magical, even doors. 

This area was really pretty, but we couldn't ride our bikes here, as you can see we left them at the back. We actually changed from the hijabs we were wearing to these that we had on in the pic there too, which took a but of twisting and turning to make sure nobody saw us,but it was quite easy because of the size of the hijab, which is really a lovely size which makes adjusting and styling so easy. They are up on our facebook page now if anyone is interested for purchasing. Free shipping so snap it up ladies!

Our friend and sister who joined us for the day, Looking lovely in purple <3 nbsp="" p="">

I love the colour against her skin tone. It makes her look rosy.

That's me by the way. Hafsah's my name in case you didn't know :p

And lastly a make up look I absoloutely LOVE. Though I don't know where I can wear this look. It's really glamorous and glittery and all things attention grabbing. Here's the video tutorial. And do subscribe to her, she's an awesome make-up artist.

For my next blog post, i'll try to recreate the look and show post a picture to show you guys how it comes out. And just a reminder if you want a certain look done on you for your makeup, just mail us a picture prior. It makes it a whole lot easier. 

Take care and Lot's of Love.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More More make up

Assalamu Alaikum All!
I know it's been a while since we've updated. From now on we're going to try to update more frequently, i'm hoping on a weekly basis. We've been quite busy these last few weeks. As we mentioned before Aqar will be providing make up services,  but also we will soon be launching our first hijab collection! There are many things to be done, and we can't wait to share with you the results.
For our readers who follow our blog i'm sure that you have already seen some of our make up looks. We try to keep our focus on a naturally glamorous look. The reason being we decided to focus on natural bridal make up was because so many brides just look too "painted" on their special day. Whilst we all agree that we want to look our best and look different, but puh-leeeze not until you're unrecognisable sweetheart. By the way not only for your special day, but also events, we'll bring out your natural glow.

The look above is a totally natural look and can be worn to any event or even on a glamorous girls day out. I personally love her foundation. It's totally flawless. Also Tutorials for our make up looks will be coming soon!

A look for a night out, or for a wedding:
It's all about keeping it natural girls!
Pretty in Pink ;).
Please contact us for any Enquiries!
h/p: 012-6119089 (sms/whatsApp only! pleaseeee)