Friday, December 23, 2011

Resepsi - Sakinatul Wahidah & Saifullah (10 Dec 2011)

          Some of AQAR customer..eventually become a dear friend to me.. and one of them is Skin (atau nama sebenar Sakinatul Wahidah)...digelar skin sebab dia sgt slim kalah supermodel..unlike me yg sgt big but beautiful.. :p hehehe...
To Skin; Terima kasih bnyk2 sbb bnyk tolong qin...especially masa MIFW hari tu... Jasamu dikenang.. :) I owe you dear.. :)

Conggratulation to both of you Skin and Husband.. semoga kekal bahagia selamanya.. :)
and Thank You for believing in AQAR Couture to make your dress.

 Pure White Modern Dress..with Lace, Pearl and crystal beads embellishment.

Red Carpet Trail.. :)

Semua Photo dicurik dari Facebook Skin... hehe..

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