Saturday, June 18, 2011

Red Dress for Amy Ameera..

Red Dress Design for Amy Ameera (for her event- Delicious Red Gala Dinner-18th June 2011).. Yummyyy...hehe.. Simple jer design baju ni.. for me "less is more".. Lagipun Amy dah lawa.. hot and tinggi lampai pakai apa pun lawa.. ;)
Amy Ameera is my makeUp Sifu.. segala ilmu me-makeup semua dia yg ajar..huhu.. And saya saaaangat suka Amy yg Saaaangat Humble tapi Saaaangat Awesome..kan... hasil kerja sgt orgnyer sempoi jerr... Anyway...all the best for Amy.. all the best for me to..haha.. and Thank you..caAAyang Amy..muah..muah.. :))

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