Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nadzrah Sabri Wedding- 29 January 2011

Kurung Modern- Turquoise Blue Chiffon and Lace, crystal and pearl Beading detailing, for Majlis Bertandang, 5 February 2011, Temerloh, Pahang.

Nadzrah Sabri Reception Night- 29 January 2011,
Picture above- kredit to Bride's Sister, Nadiyah Sabri.

Picture above credit to Liza Erieynn

The bride with us..
Terima Kasih Nad atas kepercayaan yg diberikan utk kami.. :)

Dress, Makeup, Hand Bouquet and Henna drawing from ArsyiQin AidaRina.. :)
huhu...all in one package..
MakeUp dgn view yg sgt best..

Hand Bouquet from us..

Nikah Dress...Chiffon and Lace in Silver color..

LegaaaAAAA...dah settle dis pic.. :))
"I put my heart into this project... It is Important to me juz as how it's important to u Nad.. :)"

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