Wednesday, February 20, 2013


      After watching an episode of BBC's "Make Me Muslim" a program on female converts around the UK, it left me with a sense of hope and also questioning. Whilst the show was supposed to be about the reason that these wonderful ladies converted to Islam, It mostly turned out instead to be a show about the hijab. How they came to wear it, to what degree, and how it made them feel. But if you think about it, as a practising  muslimah,  hijab plays a huge role in your life. How people perceive you, how you interact, how you behave in public, the things that you can and can't do, even down to the things you say. Islam is a lifestyle which affects everything from what you eat to what you wear. And wearing the hijab is basically a statement saying "hey, I'm Muslim. I follow a certain set of laws. I will carry myself a certain way."

However I feel that the hijab doesn't restrict me in any way. I love fashion. I love sports. I love being active. Hijab hasn't stopped me from doing any of that. There was a segment in which the host of the show questioned her career as model. Whilst I do believe she got her answer , and I pray that she will change for the better, It also made me pause and think on what I do and at what point should I put a limit on myself. 

InshaAllah here at Aqar we'll try to keep our fashions as halal as possible, with our hijabs fulfilling the awrah reqirements (covering the chest) and our clothing also inshaAllah will not be as form fitting. In the end we all want Allah's blessing in our lives, and that's only achievable by following his commands. 

But still let's live our lives to the fullest within the boundaries of Islam. There's nothing in the Qur'an and Sunnah that prohibits a Muslim woman from living a fulfilling active lifestyle. Go out there sisters, and enjoy life, be inspired and beautiful inside and out inshaAllah. 

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