Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hazeana Wedding ~ February 2012.

Hazeana.. She is Lovely, she is friendly..and she has a Bubbly personality.. sweet, always smiling, positive, fun-loving... WooooOOOO...I can keep going on and on..padahal tak kenal lama pun..huhu..
But seriously..she is just lovely..and I was like- I wish I had a close friend like her...hehehe  ;) Working with her is easy breezy from the beginning :) everything went smoothly...for me laa.. tak tau lah if she feels the same..hehehe..

Now, enough about the bride.. about the dress.. It is a simple English Wedding dress..material- white lace with satin silk.. and a little pearl embellishment at the neck.   

Both Reception dress and the Nikah dress was made by AQAR COUTURE..

I love this Photo..soooooo lively and sweet.. :)

To Hazeana and Husband.. May your marriage last forever, wish you all joy and happines.. 

 hand detailing..

 Lace patched di bahagian bawah dress..


  1. Salam...Hai Aqar Couture..Saya Zai...i just nak tanya kan kalau nak buat bj nikah perempuan berape?

    1. salaam, harga bergantung pd design, jenis kain, detailing.. utk nikah usually from RM300 to RM1k++..boleh buat ikut ur budget. :)

    2. Hye again! =) okeyh..i nk yg simple je design die which is focus on 3 tempat..cthnye pergelangan tgn+bahu+bwh bj...or bwh kain+pergelangan tgn+dada..u ade fb? boleh i tjk design yg i berkenan..n Aqar Couture dekat mane ye? =)

    3. my FB, or boleh email ke

  2. Yes, It was easy-brezzy from the beginning :))
    Thaaaannnkk you so much for both dresses, I fell in LOVE with it from the first fitting..